Artist portfolio 

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Barbara Parole studied and obtained a diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow in Printmaking under prof. Włodzimierz Kuntz and also in Pedagogy.

Paintings have been shown in many individual and participated exhibitions in Cracow, Warsaw, Częstochowa, Myślenice, Wieliczka, USA, UK, Germany, France, Croatia, Holland, Spain and many others

Paintings are in private collections and galleries in Poland and abroad – including a painting created exclusively for HRH Catherine, Dutchess of Cambridge and HRH Prince George of Cambridge.

Major exhibitions:

1980 – Diploma ’80, Zachęta, Warsaw
– Club „Juventur Nudes” – solo exhibition, Cracow
1983 – Fair, Nürnberg, Germany
1984 – Coninck Galerie, „Nudes” – solo exhibition, Holland
– Fair, Nurnberg, Germany
1985 – BWA „ exhibition of 40 years”, Cracow
1986 – „Arpis” solo exhibition, Gallery, Cracow
– Exhibition in BWA, Częstochowa
– Coninck Galerie, Nudes – solo exhibition, Holland
1990 – Cafe of „Old Theatre”, Cracow
1993 – Gallery of Radio Zet and Adrianna Biedrzyńska, Warsaw
1994 – Autumnal Salon, Palace of Art, Cracow
– Sławkowska 13, solo exhibition
1996 – Spring Salon, Palace of Art, Cracow
– „Artemis” Gallery, Cracow
– AUCTION, New York
1997 – Salon ’97, Cracow
– „Little Picture”, Sukiennice Gallery, Cracow
1998 – „Rękawka” Gallery, Cracow
– Salon de L’ Academie des Artistesde L’Europe Centrale, Paris
– „Gardens of Cracow”, Historical Museum, Cracow
– „Little Picture”, Sukiennice, Cracow
1999 – Galerie „ART PRESENT”, Paris
– Three Work’s, Sukiennice
– Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury
– „Salon of Paint and Sculpture”, Sukiennice Gallery, Cracow
2000 – „Gardens”, Sukiennice
– „Jubilee”, Artistic Kettle Gallery, Cracow
2001 – One Work Gallery, Artistic Kettle Gallery, Cracow
– „Palace Gallery”, Puget Palace, Cracow
– NCK, Winter Salon of Painting
– Jama Michalika, Gallery Ornament, Cracow
– Galeria „Zaułek”, „Pictoral World of Barbar”, Cracow
2002 – Hotel Gallery ELEKTOR, solo exhibition of images combined with
an auction for the „Happy Isles” Cracow – the Foundation
of Friends of children with cancer at the Clinic of Jagiellonian
University Medical College
– „Cracow and Artists”, ul. Mikołajska 2, Cracow
– Holliday Salon, Rękawka, Cracow
– NCK, solo exhibition
– „Adam i Ewa”, Galeria Sukiennice
2003 – „Home and Garden”, Zwierzyniecki Salon, Cracow
– Wawel 9, The National Art, Symposium, Cracow
– „Three eyes”, Temporary Contemporary Gallery, Cracow
– XII Hollidays Salon, Rękawka Gallery
– „From my studio”, Sukiennice Gallery, Cracow
2004 – „Winter Salon”, Gallery NCK
– „Portraits, Self-portraits” – solo exhibition, Sukiennice Gallery
– XIII Holliday Salon, Rękawka, Cracow
-„Sketches from the dressing room”, Lamelli Gallery, Cracow
-„Small Format”, Sukiennice Gallery, Cracow
2005 – Charity auction of the Foundation for the development of
Gynecologic Oncology, Department of Gynecology, Jagiellonian
University Medical College,
– Joseph’s Feast Street, „Nudes”, cafe Eszeweria, Cracow
– „Angels in Cracow”, authored Gallery BronisławChromy, Cracow
2006 – „Far as the eye”, solo ex. „U Frycza” KSW ul.Kanonicza Cracow
– Cafe Larousse, NUDE, Cracow
– Galeria Centrum, NCK solo exhibition
-„Small Format”, Lamelli Gallery, Cracow
2007 – Club MBA – Polish Open University WSZ, solo exhibition, Cracow
– „Flowers and trees”, „Dom Grecki” Regional Museum in Myślenice
– „Faust” Gallery, Grey House, solo exhibition, Cracow
2008 – Muzej Gliptoteka, Zagreb, Croatia
– Starmach Gallery, XIII Art Auction for leukemia patients at the
Foundation for Prevention and Treatment of Blood Diseases name
prof. Julian Aleksandrowicz
– XVIII Hollidays Salon, Rękawka
2009 – „Small Format” Rostworowski Gallery, Cracow
– XIX Hollidays Salon, Rękawka
– 31 Premio International Pintura Caja de Extremadura, Spain
– Paintings and Sculpture ZPAP 2009, NCK Gallery
2010 – Starmach Gallery XV Art Auction for leukemia patients at the
Foundation for Prevention and Treatment of Blood Diseases name
prof. Julian Aleksandrowicz
2011 – Colors of the Day, „Wieliczka” Salt Mine, „Drozdowice” Chamber
– BWA, Centenary of ZPAP Festival
2012 – International Culture Centre, XVII Art Auction for leukemia patients at the Foundation for Prevention and Treatment of Blood Diseases name prof. Julian Aleksandrowicz-Österreichischen Generalkonsulates in Krakau – individual exhibition
2015 – ZPAP Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture of Cracow Artists – NCK Gallery, Cracow
– Charity Exhibition and Auction in Willanów Palace, Warsaw
– Christmas Eve ZPAP Exhibition of Cracow Artists, Cracow
2016 – Dyląg Gallery,  Mały Format, Cracow
– Cracow Region Exhibition, Pałac Sztuki, Cracow
2017 – Individual Exhibition, Cracow AGH University, Cracow
– Small Format, Raven Gallery, Cracow
– Nudes, Bracka 13 Gallery, Cracow
– 3 Pictures, ZPAP Gallery, Łobzowska 3, Cracow
– Dom Polonii, Club of Painters, Cracow
– Krakow Artistic Meetings 2017, Configurations Painting Sculpture Drawing
– PAPPILIA Art Gallery, BARBARA PAROLE, Brussels
2018 – ZPAP, Palace of Art, Cracow
– Raven Gallery, Small Format, Cracow