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Barbara Parole Studies and diplomas at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow in printmaking under prof. Włodzimierz Kuntz and post-graduate teaching. Indyvidual and participation exhibitions in: Cracow, Warsaw, Częstochowa, Nürnberg, Paris, New York, Zagreb, Holland, Spain.

Works in many private collections in Poland and abroad.

Major exhibitions:

1980 – Diploma ’80, Zachęta, Warsaw
– Club „Juventur Nudes” – solo exhibition, Cracow
1983 – Fair, Nürnberg, Germany
1984 – Coninck Galerie, „Nudes” – solo exhibition, Holland
– Fair, Nurnberg, Germany
1985 – BWA „ exhibition of 40 years”, Cracow
1986 – „Arpis” solo exhibition, Gallery, Cracow
– Exhibition in BWA, Częstochowa
– Coninck Galerie, Nudes – solo exhibition, Holland
1990 – Cafe of „Old Theatre”, Cracow
1993 – Gallery of Radio Zet and Adrianna Biedrzyńska, Warsaw
1994 – Autumnal Salon, Palace of Art, Cracow
– Sławkowska 13, solo exhibition
1996 – Spring Salon, Palace of Art, Cracow
– „Artemis” Gallery, Cracow
– AUCTION, New York
1997 – Salon ’97, Cracow
– „Little Picture”, Sukiennice Gallery, Cracow
1998 – „Rękawka” Gallery, Cracow
– Salon de L’ Academie des Artistesde L’Europe Centrale, Paris
– „Gardens of Cracow”, Historical Museum, Cracow
– „Little Picture”, Sukiennice, Cracow
1999 – Galerie „ART PRESENT”, Paris
– Three Work’s, Sukiennice
– Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury
– „Salon of Paint and Sculpture”, Sukiennice Gallery, Cracow
2000 – „Gardens”, Sukiennice
– „Jubilee”, Artistic Kettle Gallery, Cracow
2001 – One Work Gallery, Artistic Kettle Gallery, Cracow
– „Palace Gallery”, Puget Palace, Cracow
– NCK, Winter Salon of Painting
– Jama Michalika, Gallery Ornament, Cracow
– Galeria „Zaułek”, „Pictoral World of Barbar”, Cracow
2002 – Hotel Gallery ELEKTOR, solo exhibition of images combined with
an auction for the „Happy Isles” Cracow – the Foundation
of Friends of children with cancer at the Clinic of Jagiellonian
University Medical College
– „Cracow and Artists”, ul. Mikołajska 2, Cracow
– Holliday Salon, Rękawka, Cracow
– NCK, solo exhibition
– „Adam i Ewa”, Galeria Sukiennice
2003 – „Home and Garden”, Zwierzyniecki Salon, Cracow
– Wawel 9, The National Art, Symposium, Cracow
– „Three eyes”, Temporary Contemporary Gallery, Cracow
– XII Hollidays Salon, Rękawka Gallery
– „From my studio”, Sukiennice Gallery, Cracow
2004 – „Winter Salon”, Gallery NCK
– „Portraits, Self-portraits” – solo exhibition, Sukiennice Gallery
– XIII Holliday Salon, Rękawka, Cracow
-„Sketches from the dressing room”, Lamelli Gallery, Cracow
-„Small Format”, Sukiennice Gallery, Cracow
2005 – Charity auction of the Foundation for the development of
Gynecologic Oncology, Department of Gynecology, Jagiellonian
University Medical College,
– Joseph’s Feast Street, „Nudes”, cafe Eszeweria, Cracow
– „Angels in Cracow”, authored Gallery BronisławChromy, Cracow
2006 – „Far as the eye”, solo ex. „U Frycza” KSW ul.Kanonicza Cracow
– Cafe Larousse, NUDE, Cracow
– Galeria Centrum, NCK solo exhibition
-„Small Format”, Lamelli Gallery, Cracow
2007 – Club MBA- Polish Open University WSZ, solo exhibition, Cracow
– „Flowers and trees”, „Dom Grecki” Regional Museum in Myślenice
– „Faust” Gallery, Grey House, solo exhibition, Cracow
2008 – Muzej Gliptoteka, Zagreb, Croatia
– Starmach Gallery, XIII Art Auction for leukemia patients at the
Foundation for Prevention and Treatment of Blood Diseases name
prof. Julian Aleksandrowicz
– XVIII Hollidays Salon, Rękawka
2009 – „Small Format” Rostworowski Gallery, Cracow
– XIX Hollidays Salon, Rękawka
– 31 Premio International Pintura Caja de Extremadura, Spain
– Paintings and Sculpture ZPAP 2009, NCK Gallery
2010 – Starmach Gallery XV Art Auction for leukemia patients at the
Foundation for Prevention and Treatment of Blood Diseases name
prof. Julian Aleksandrowicz
2011 – Colors of the Day, „Wieliczka” Salt Mine, „Drozdowice” Chamber
– BWA, Centenary of ZPAP Festival
2012 – International Culture Centre, XVII Art Auction for leukemia patients at the Foundation for Prevention and Treatment of Blood Diseases name prof. Julian Aleksandrowicz- Österreichischen Generalkonsulates in Krakau – individual exhibition

2015  –  ZPAP Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture of Cracow Artists – NCK Gallery, Cracow

– Charity Exhibition and Auction in Willanów Palace, Warsaw

–  Christmas Eve ZPAP Exhibition of Cracow Artists, Cracow

2016 – Dyląg Gallery,  Mały Format, Cracow

  • 3 WYSTAWA KLUBU MALARZY ZPAP, Dom Polonii, Cracow