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One of the fantastic things about being a teacher is the ability to meet adult people you remember as  kids.On the one hand, you realise the inexorable nature of time, and on the other, you feel happy that the then children are the now grown ups who participate in life and experience the bittersweet aspects of being adult.

When Barbara Parole was showing me the pictures which are being shown at the present exhibition. I suddenly saw her running down a school corridor. Today fifteen years after the moment she received her diploma at the CracovianAcademy of Fine Arts (under the supervision of Professor Włodzimierz Kunz), her artistic output is quite considerable. Her paintings and prints have been shown at the exhibitions in Cracow, Warsaw, and also in the Netherlands and Nurenberg.

And so, I am looking at these landscapes, or rather painterly compositions, which remind me of the title of a painting by Piotr Potworowski.  The painting of finely diferentiated shades of green is titled „The Heart of the Forest”. The art of Barbara Parole is the heart of blossoming orchards – the heart of the space where the mass of trees in blossom often seems to be unreal. On the lerge canvases the artist dynamically applies, or sprays, the paints, which – combined with the thick texture of the background – look like explosions.  Amongst these trees, which explode with white and subtle pink, sometimes a child appears. In many cases, though, the heroes of the paintings are dramatic trunks, branches and flowers.  Speaking about her work, her landscapes and portraits, Barbara Parole is never self-conscious about her creative process and there is no artificiality within her vision. It seems to me that Barbara paints when she needs to. Her work seems like a Franciscan reaction to the world – which means she accepts it the way it is, but, at the same time, she gives in the small pleasure of painting the blossoming trees, her son running across the meadow, or the face of a female… These works are both a way of life and a cure for melancholy. There’s not even slightest trace of pretension here. Everything that’s good and everything that’s vulnerable have been shown by the artist, who seems to look at the world with an appreciative smile.


Stanisław Rodziński



Gerenoveerde Galerie Coninck toont werk van nieuwkomers.

Zeer krachtig en veelbelovend zijn een viertal houtskooltekeningen van de Poolse

Barbara Parole, die daarmee haar Nederlandse deduut maakt. Naaktfiguren zijn

in een meeslepend verticaal perspectief in zwarte geometrische vormen geplaatst,

waarbij de hoekige zetting en de ronde, erotische lichaamsvorm een indringende

spanning oproepen. Als er al van een echte aanwinst voor de galerie kan worden

gesproken, dan het werk van deze Poolse tekenares.


Godert van Colmjon